When I made Shiva Dyan Yoga with Shivani to lift up the Energy of a heavy night of difficult magnetic movements yesterday I had wonderfull visions and my power got enhanced in multiple ways. Shivani and I were able to uplift the energy in very few minutes! Shivani explanes very clearly and is able to open the flow of high processed Energy and the blue light of the Indigo Ray expressed through Shiva. Her Connection to Shiva Guruji is very deep and his presence very strong through her devotion. Shivani carrys a high power of Grace and Wisdom.“ Thank you very much! Irin, Switzerland

“At the beginning of the workshop I have perceived a process of liberation from negative karma and at the same time I felt Bliss, which made me cry out of Joy! During the fourth Shiva Dhyan Yoga technique I have perceived a strong blue Shiva light and felt immense happiness.
In Shivasana I dove deep into the meditation and I saw how my third eye was opened. Many images passed by my third eye and I could dissolve past karma,
thank you!
I was impressed by the huge golden cloud which I saw and which my consciousness could receive. Moreover I saw how an angel came very near down to me and tears of awe and grace appeared out of gratitude for Everything which Is and May be! I perceived Everything as One in us and around us! Thank you! I am looking forward to participate in the next workshop!” Michael, Switzerland
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