Through the practice of Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditations the divine light of Shiva, the divine love of Shakti, the peace in yourself & the divine happiness find an expression. In Shiva Dhyan Yoga (Dhyan=Meditation; Yoga=union), the soul & Shiv/the divine melt in each other, when we awaken, when we are in total awareness of our oneness with the divine in us and become a strong, pure, positive & still witness. As a witness we are able to acknowledge & accept everything and everyone as it is and what it is. We start loving unconditionally everything and everybody.

Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives you enlightening experiences, makes you feel and experience the self in the form of light, visions and sensations & a miraculous expansion of consciousness happens. Discover the divine existence in yourself and transform from within.

The impact of Shiva Dhyan Yoga practice is multi-dimensional and transforms you on spiritual, physical, mental & emotional level. Negativity is dissolved and inner peace, joy and unconditional love arise. Shiva Dhyan Yoga is a nature mirroring with the true eternity of the environment, the nature of the self & the nature of the divine and natural environment. It evolves your self nature in its true form and nature mirrors the existence in a true Sat Chit Ananda- form (Sat =truth, Chit=consciousness, Ananda=bliss & joy).

Shiva Dhyan Yoga increases your brain capacity and intelligence and helps you to establish a balance between body, mind, emotions and soul. It gives you peace of mind and relaxation. Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives you the experience of awakening awareness. It frees you from sorrow, fear and doubt and gives way to happiness and fulfilment. Shiva Dhyan Yoga takes you beyond the ego and awakens the unconditional love, compassion & the divine light in you. It helps you grow, transform, expand your consciousness, become a giver of light, love, peace & joy to the world and finally leads to self-realization.
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