In the beginning there was nothing. From nothing the nada (=sound) OM emanated. This pranava, the prime sound OM, was created by Shiva with his damaru (=drum). SHIVA =Symphony Harmony Initiation Vibration Awakening.

With OMKAR Shiva nature created out of the 5 elements the entire existence, energy, nature, cosmos and the imagination of the world. Sadashiva is the Lord of the 5 elements: air, water, fire, space and earth.

The prime sound of AUM is the sound of a the breath, which is Shivas blessing itself. To know Shiva, know your breath. From the first technique of Shiva Dhyan Yoga, everything from the internal to the external cosmic life evolves.

As a preparation for the Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation practice following
OMKAR Meditation: Put the right hand on the centre of the heart (at the level of the heart chakra)
and the left hand on top of it.

Inhale deeply through the nostrils and while exhaling chant from the heart OM.

Listen to the inner OM sound. See the OM with its vibratory sound in yourself.

See your inner nature, your true nature. Listen to the wonderful sound.

Optionally you can listen to OM music during this and the following
Shiva Dhyan Yoga techniques.

Painting by Shiva Guruji
© 2015 Shivani Shiva Dhyana Youga