Shivani teaches the NATURE MIRRORING meditations, which were evolved by the Himalayin Master Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar. Through the practise of this meditation you can experience a deep inner transformation. Mirror the divine in the nature & in yourself, mirror your True Self! Shivani teaches a great number of Nature Mirroring Meditations in the workshops & in sessions in the nature.

One of the Nature Mirroring meditations is following Sky meditation:

Sky meditation: Mirror the nature in yourself
Connect to the divine eternity of the sky & mirror it in yourself. Become aware about being a part of the whole, of the entire existence. Put the right & the left hand on the heart centre at the level of your heart chakra (left hand below the right hand).
Look into the sky during minimum three minutes with a steady gaze. Close the eyes and imagine the sky in front of your eyes. Imagine, that everything is the sky, that you are the sky. Imagine, that you absorb the infinity of the sky in yourself and that the sky fulfills your entire being.
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