Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar is an enlightened Himalayin Master who has been trained by 21 spiritual Masters. He is a visionary, a fountainhead of knowledge and wisdom about God, the entire existence, spirituality, humanity and the human being. The Himalayin Master is an exponent in 16 Vedic Vidyas such as Vedanta Astrology, Numerology, Vastu as well as an Expert in 64 Siddhis and Feng Shui.

Shiva Guruji loves all the religions, his devotion and selfless service are for the entire humanity.

He evolves and transforms the human beings to realize their full inner potential.

As a multidimensional Spiritual Master, Shiva Guruji integrates Spirituality and Creativity in the Reality genuinely and holistically in a unique and unprecedented way.

Shiva Guruji is a multi-talented and creative genius who has contributed to humanity in Spirituality as well as to the world of Art, Education & Media. As an artist, painter, filmmaker, poet, writer, creative creator and producer, educationist, musician, family father and spiritual leader he has transformed thousands of people.

Shiva Guruji ignites light in the disciples to make them holistic humans and empowers them to fulfil their dreams and to achieve the highest realms of their existence. He evolves and transforms the disciples and awakens their awareness to realize who they are, to express their full inner potential and to live their lives with joy, love, inner peace and harmony.
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