Shivani (Katrin Suter) has been intensely trained by the Himalayin Master Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar during several years in Himalaya, India and in Switzerland at Mount Matterhorn, Allalin, Säntis, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau and Pilatus to become a Shiva Dhyan Yoga Teacher and expert in vedic Astrology.

Previously Shivani had travelled to 21 countries in search of herself and studied about spirituality, the religions and philosophy of the East and West. She practised various meditation styles (autogenic training, Buddhist meditation, Christian contemplation) and particularly the advanced Kriya Yoga techniques.

Shivani’s spiritual yoga and meditation teaching from Himalaya and the astrological readings are designed to create more love, peace, success, happiness and grace in people’s lives and to empower them to live a life of love and to love the life they live. Her spiritual approach blends western and eastern concepts with a focus on experiential learning, raising the awareness and self-realization.


At present Shivani is writing spiritual books about the miraculous and enlightening experiences with Shiva Guruji and about the ancient wisdom the Himalayin Master has given to her to share it with humanity. She gives vedic astrology readings & consulations, Himalayin Shiva Dhyan Yoga courses and spiritual workshops with the purpose to bring like-minded people together and to help them discover and fulfil their unique life purpose.


Shivani started her life as Katrin Suter, a modern, Swiss, educated woman who has studied International Relations in Switzerland. She has successfully worked as a French, Spanish, English and German Language Teacher and as a Team Leader at a consulting company in the financial sector.

Shivani was pulled to Himalaya and Indian Spirituality at a young age.
She has experienced a life of material wealth. Despite of all the success and achievements, searching herself, she listened to the inner soul call. She developed a veracious appetite for new spiritual concepts and read hundreds of books. She also studied with many spiritual teachers, psychics and Gurus in Switzerland and India and learnt about numerous energetic and spiritual healing methods and psychic tools.

Shivani wandered around the world visiting 21 countries and finally found solace in India. Himalayin Shiva Meditation and Kriya Yoga have raised her awareness and changed her life. Her soul search led her beyond the practise of especially Kriya Yoga to Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar. The Great Himalayin Master has transformed Katrin into Shivani in hours of deep divine Shiva Meditation from Himalaya on a journey in India and Switzerland and in the Shiva Kailash Temple of Shiva Guruji, who has shown the divine rainbow colours and the golden light of life revealing to her her life purpose with Shiva Dhyan Yoga.

The Himalayin Master has raised the awareness of Shivani and has transformed her entire being, her mind-set and vision of spirituality, the world and humanity into a holistic approach based on total acceptance of everything and anything as it is and what it is. Shiva Guruji taught Shivani the holistic science of self-realization by means of Shiva Dhyan Yoga and self-expression, the expression of her soul through meditation, nature mirroring, writing and music.

Shiva Guruji had given her back to herself. After many years of searching and wandering she felt that she has arrived at her spiritual home. The Himalayin Master has removed the veil of darkness and ignorance and given her a mirror where she could see herself as a divine potential of a Goddess and realize her Self. By the Power and Grace of Shiva Guruji, Shivani was transformed, the spiritual power started to unfold in her and she realized that her life mission was to serve humanity by giving unconditional love and the precious transformational scientific method of Shiva Dhyan Yoga.
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